lifehubnet is the network of healthcare services that biodata devices have incorporated into lifehub medical devices to make telemedicine and teleassistance today, based on the HL7 FHIR standard, allow the connection of our equipment in a simple way to the current hospital systems. Through the use of integration gateways we can connect to any system of Electronic Clinical History, regardless of the system on which it is implanted.


lifehubnet collects the biometric measurements of the patient at any point in the hospital or in the world, and in the near future also the environmental parameters and the domotic control of the environment. All these data collected by lifehubnet are made through our lifehub medical device, and are transported to clinical and care control centers to be treated.

The collection of all these data in an automated way allows better monitoring of patients, avoids human errors, improves social assistance, prevents and lowers healthcare processes.

Our user interface on Android allows the incorporation of other complementary applications to the assistance of the patient, in a simple and efficient way.

lifehubnet makes it possible for telemedicine to be born in the hospital's own rooms and for that care network to be extended to the patient's home to be monitored by the health personnel. Likewise the care center can control the environmental and domotic parameters of the patient's environment, thus ensuring their well-being. Nowadays the union of health services and social services is a fact, most of the chronic patients are our elderly, which account for a significant percentage of the budgets of health resources.

lifehubnet can be taken to any point of care, the hospital room, the patient's home, health transport, risk areas, difficult areas ... any scenario where you can carry a simple tablet or a smartphone and small, light and economic lifehub medical device will give access to telemedicine.



lifehubnet makes available to the health and care services the collection of clinical measurement data at the point where the patient is, automatically registering in the computer systems of the health service or the health care service all relevant data to be processed and take actions consequently, either by continuous monitoring or in real time.


lifehubnet brings specialists closer to where it is not possible to take them, thanks to the online replication services of the lifehub medical device, the specialist can see in real time the measures taken on the patient as if he were ahead. Real-time communication can include point-to-point videoconferencing, so that the specialist can see the patient's vital parameters, the patient himself, directly on his screen.


lifehubnet will provide healthcare staff with the condition of the patient's environment, it is possible to monitor the temperature of the room, the movement in the house of the dependent, automatically lower the blinds ... any action on the environmental parameters or on the home automation attached to the lifehub medical device has never been so versatile and so simple.