termoWe are committed to mobility and low consumption, the lifehub and lifehub home medical devices allow to integrate any type of Bluetooth Smart device with great simplicity, biometric probes already existing in the market, our own probes and modules Bluetooth Smart or any other device that complies with the standard.

Easy to use

Throughout our ecosystem simplicity of use is a constant. One of the biggest problems of the Bluetooth system is the association of the devices to the controllers, it is necessary to configure, pair ... and it becomes a real problem when there is more than one controller near the probe. Our lifehub medical device has an automatic association system for Bluetooth probes and smart modules, without having to configure anything in the operating system of the tablet or smartphone, because the lifehub medical device takes care of everything. It is only necessary to turn on the device and press a button.

Any Smart Bluetooth device


lifehub can be connected to any probe or device with standard Smart Bluetooth profile or we can adapt to the needs of the application and connect to any Bluetooth Smart device even if it is not standard.

We can support profiles of biometric probes (blood pressure monitors, scales, pulse oximeters ...), fitness devices (pulse meters, movement quantizers ...), sensors (temperature, humidity ...), in short, any existing or future device that meet the Bluetooht Smart standard.

lifehub probes, wired or Bluetooth Smart

Our lifehub wired probes are ready to be Bluetooth Smart in the future, using our unique lifehub smart module you can attach to our wired probes and convert them to Smart Bluetooth probes.