The blood pressure monitor is a basic medical device in monitoring very common pathologies such as hypertension, as well as very useful for preventing the occurrence of different heart diseases.

Hypertension is a chronic disease that affects 1 in 3 people in the world and is considered one of the leading causes of death from chronic noncommunicable diseases.

lifehub includes a fully digital tensiometer and integrated into the ecosystem of clinic probes created by biodata devices, very easy to use and fully automatic.

Easy to use

Our blood pressure monitor simplifies the measurement for the professional and the patient at home, a compact, hand-held unit with a single hand, ideal for self-control, with a self-adjusting and interchangeable cuff, suitable for any patient size.

The lightest on the market, without batteries

A complete measurement unit with just over 100gr of weight and a simple connection through our smartjack cable, lifehub provides communications and power to the blood pressure monitor, so it lacks batteries for its operation. The user will never have to worry about changing the batteries to the blood pressure monitor, since it will always be available thanks to our design

Technologically advanced

Accurate measurements adaptable to any type of pathology, our designs are parametrizable and intelligent, we use the most advanced algorithms for the detection of arterial pulse and we have the appropriate technological mechanisms to obtain the best measures in the worst conditions.

The professional can configure each measurement for each patient or let the equipment measure completely automatically

Real-time capture of blood pressure in patient arm