tablet-ecg-cableThe electrocardiogram is the essential tool to diagnose and monitor heart conditions, as well as to prevent future injuries. lifehub is a medical device, each unit includes an electrocardiogram ready for monitoring or for diagnosis, very easy to use, a graphical interface allows the real time display of the evolution of the measurement, as well as its revision for the Validation. It includes a capture rate of 500 samples per second.

Monitoring and diagnosis

The electrocardiogram is configurable, basic monitoring with 3, 4 or 5 electrodes to a complete ECG diagnosis of 10 electrodes and 12 channels, the same connector provides any of the electrode configurations required by the medical application. The system includes an integrated pacemaker monitor, which allows monitoring of monitor operation and a breathing monitor, using the same ECG cables

Very easy to use

Anyone with a minimum of training may be able to perform an ECG of the best quality and send the results of the test to the specialist to be the one who can review the measurement, in a simple way the data can be on the other end of the world in an instant. The graphic touch interface puts in the hands of anyone a professional tool like never before had been able to see. lifehub includes multiple options for personalizing the heart test with high quality digital filters.



12-channel ECG real-time capture