lifehub and lifehub home are clinical monitors of vital signs, environmental parameters and home-automation in the patient's environment, both models are a dedicated and low-cost devices that enables the challenge of modern telemedicine and care of dependents in both hospital clinical scenarios as in domestic environments, under medical supervision. 

lifehub and lifehub home are also a medical device itself, capables of managing different clinical probes simultaneously, local or remotely, from anywhere in the world. lifehub and lifehub home are not simply a concentrator of biometric probes, they include an electrocardiogram (EKG) and a high precision body temperature monitor as standard. Additionally, an ecosystem of specialized biometric probes allows the device to adapt to the needs of measuring or monitoring the telemedicine or care scenario with one or several signals individually or simultaneously.

What do lifehub and lifehub home include?

  • An advanced digital ECG with 1 to 12 leads, integrated as standard equipment, software upgradeable.
  • A port for interchangeable temperature probes YSI-400 type of high precision, integrated as standard equipment. 
  • Three integrated intelligent digital ports for simultaneous connection of up to three wired probes provide instant communication and power to the compatible clinical probes. The ports are multi-probe, any probe can be connected to any port in any combination, unrestricted, easy to use, no complications, no batteries. The digital probes system supports lifehub family proprietary probes and supports integration of third-party probes.
  • A complete communications system that can be easily connected biometric probes, environmental parameter probes and home automation probes.
  • A wireless system to connect with third party probes
  • A communication and power system based on the USB standard.
  • An independent power system with an integrated rechargeable battery.

Low cost

tablet-ecglifehub y lifehub home are devices developed 100% by biodata devices, with proprietary technology in design, hardware, firmware and software, with end-to-end system control. Our development has allowed an excellent selection of technologies and components that integrate a development designed for a high production and short deadlines, with a sustainable cost, our equipments are ideal as suitable product for any clinical scenario of telemedicine.

The user interface is based on current mobility technology, Android, smartphones or commercial tablets are the basis of the system management, depending on the application, the interface may vary, according to the needs of the patient or medical service.

Low consumption

We are aware of the environment, in biodata devices  we seek excellence in consumption, a high performance device but powered by a simple USB, less than 500mA make the whole system run at full capacity, providing more autonomy in mobile environments. The impact of consumption on large hospital facilities is minimal.

Low maintenance

Simplicity is the key to lifehub system, few components and a lot of ingenious ideas make each of the clinical probes that can be connected to the system have a very low maintenance and therefore a very low cost of ownership.

None of lifehub probes have its own battery, they feed on the connection to the concentrator, thus, the problem of battery management is eliminated.

The smartjack connection cables from the lifehub concentrator to any of the clinical probes are standard, the probes are interchangeable between ports and between probes, and independent of the nature of the probes.

Low weight and size

Few electronic components and no battery, is the key to getting probes of very small size and lower weight. The lifehub concentrator measures 20x15cm and weighs less than 300 gr. Everything is there.

Plug and Play


Both the lifehub concentrator and its probes are intelligent, ready to run virtually without user intervention, either the patient or the professional, but also support high customization in the measurements and a complete configuration of the scenario of telemedicine or social assistance for dependents. One, two or three wired probes, the EKG and a thermometer, plus any type of wireless probe.

The lifehub and lifehub home concentrators support three types of probes in their intelligent digital ports, in any configuration and order:

        • Clinical probes (tensiometer, pusioximeter, glucometer, breathing monitor, ...) that can be proprietary or integration of other manufacturers, in any configuration according to the clinical needs of the patient.
        • A future module of environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure ...) that allows to measure the environmental environment of the patient, in the hospital or at home
        • A future module of home automation (bed position, pressure sensor in mattress, blinds control, heating ...) that allows remote monitoring and control of the welfare of the patient or the person in custody, in the hospital or at home .