O U R   M I S S I O N

biodata devices is a biomedical engineering company founded with the objective of designing solutions for acquisition of vital signs in telemedicine, chronic care and social assistance scenarios. Our mission is to have our own technology to provide the most economical and flexible solutions in the different strategies of telemedicine, both hospital and out-of-hospital.




W H A T   D O   W E   D O?




We have our own solution of medical measuring devices that complete a real telemedicine ecosystem. They are devices thought of the simplicity of use, the economy of prices, the low consumption and the telemedicine. In development new clinical probes, environmental and home automation. We have ISO 13.485 homologation, we also design and manufacture devices for third parties.







Our ecosystem includes the development of multiple, inexpensive wired and wireless probes, suitable for both clinical, home and mobility environments. We have ECG 12d, 7d, 5d, 4d and 3d, blood pressure, SpO2, temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate,... soon, we will release new probes and also environmental probes and home automation.



We develop the interfaces for our devices, thinking about the user, both the professional and the patient. We believe in new emerging platforms from the evolution of mobility devices, smartphones and tablets are the goal of our project: economy, versatility, integrated communications and ease of use are the key.

Currently available on Android.




The key to the success of our decoupled architecture is the meticulous control of the hardware developed. All our hardware designs are proprietary, with dedicated microcontrollers and specialized low-level applications that fulfill two fundamental functions: hardware economy and simplicity of integration in different environments. The firmware of all our devices is upgradeable remotely through lifehubnet and is customizable.



We have incorporated a services network for the management of telemedicine and telecontrol services with which we can extend our development to any part of the world in a simple and economic way. Our services are available to our customers, thanks to them the customer can control their deployment of lifehub medical devices in a simple and efficient.