The lifehub system is ready to connect to the future Bluetooth Smart envihub environmental probe that will allow monitoring the patient's or dependent's environment, ensuring that he has the most suitable environment for his well-being.


Easy to use

envihub is plug and play, the assignment to a lifehub concentrator is immediate and permanent, its rechargeable battery allows months of operation without the need for recharging. Its fixing system allows to place the environmental probe in the best place inside the room in a simple way.

A single probe, all under control

A single envihub probe allows you to control the patient's environment in a single point: ambient temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, lighting level and environmental noise level .

Technologically advanced

The probe automatically stores the defined environmental parameters and sends them to the lifehub for its treatment, is proactive, can be programmed alarm levels that facilitate the management of substantial changes in the patient or dependent environment.

envihub can also be used independently with a compatible smarphone.